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Bodywork Rates & Package Options

Single Session

60-minute Sessio $ 150
90-minute Session   $ 215

Bodywork Packages

3 60-min Sessions:  $ 435
(Regularly $450 ~ $15 savings)
5 60-min Sessions:   $ 700 
(Regularly $750 ~ $50 savings)
3 90-min Sessions:   $ 630
(Regularly $645 ~ $15 savings
5 90-min Sessions:
  $ 1025
(Regularly $1075 ~ $50 savings) 

Ready to Release and Unwind?   

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How to Prepare for your Session

A Confidential Health Screen Form

will be provided in advance, for completion prior to the initial session.

Wear Exercise Clothing;

shorts, work-out bra for ease and accuracy in postural assessment. 

Refrain From Taking Any Pain or Anti-inflammatory Medication

at least 3-4 hours prior to all sessions.

Avoid Application of Lotions or Oils to the Skin

prior to all sessions.

Be Prepared to Let Go;

Surrender from thinking, moving and doing anything other than breathing. The heat of my hands, together with your breath, will facilitate the necessary healing. 

Call now to schedule the appointment that will make all the difference in how you move, feel and live. 

Ph. 301-767-6200

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