A Path for Meaningful Change   

Nurse Coaching is a skilled, purposeful, results-oriented and structured client interaction that is provided by Registered Nurses for the purpose of promoting achievement of client goals. (Dossey, Hess et. al. 2013)

While your physical health is indeed important, Nurse Coaching is about so much more. We apply principles and modalities that integrate the whole person: mind, body, spirit, emotions, environment, values and purpose. We are supportive and encouraging, building on our client's strengths rather than attempting to correct weaknesses.

In our 1:1 coaching session, we accomplish this by:

  • Addressing your whole health including, but not limited to, stress, physical activity, sleep, self-care and diet.    

  • Taking inventory of where you are right now and where you would like to be. 

  • Collaborating to co-create a plan to improve your health and elevate the quality of your relationships with others and with yourself.

  • Exploring what is truly important to you, creating goals that inspire you, breaking down resistance to change, and committing to action that will propel you forward.

As your Nurse Coach, I will:

  • Help you see what you cannot see on your own; eliciting focus, clarity, and a new perspective so you can actualize your potential.

  • Hold space for you, meeting you right where you are, fully supporting you on your journey of self-inquiry and self-discovery.  

  • Provide guidance and resources while honoring the fact that you are the expert on your own needs | choices.

  • Facilitate the necessary change you wish to see; empowering you to dream bigger and be bolder.

Nurse Coaches are staffed in a wide variety of settings including hospitals to improve nursing staff retention, insurance companies to reduce the cost of disease management and in private practice, such as myself. Regardless of our work environment, we collectively are on a mission to transform healthcare with one powerful conversation at a time. If you allow me the opportunity to help you explore the realm that lies beyond simply being ~ that space of conscious healing and intentional living ~ you might very well be led down a path of a major transformation. It all begins with a conversation so let's find the time to talk. Just complete the Contact Us section below and I will contact you personally to answer any questions. I look forward to connecting!   



"The Blue Heron brings messages of self-determination and self-reliance representing an ability to progress and evolve and when they follow the promptings of the heart, they are one of the most magnificent when they choose to soar. 

Those with the Blue Heron spirit animal, in the Native American tradition, possess innate wisdom and strength that help them maneuver and co-create their own situations and achievements in life."

Nurse Coaching can help you soar like a bird! Are you ready to take flight?!