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The best testimonials come directly from the people I have helped. If you have received work from me and would like to share your experience, please email me or just let me know when I see you next time. Your personal experience may prove to be that vital/missing link for others who are wondering whether massage and/or coaching can make a difference in their life. 

"My first Spinal Flow Session with Lisa was amazing! Her treatment space was warm and welcoming just as much as she herself was. Lisa talked me through connecting with my breath and settling in for the experience and it was wonderful. I released so much tension that I was holding in my body. I left feeling so amazingly energized and rejuvenated and I can't wait to return." Tammy, S. Matthews, NC 

"Lisa, a sincere thanks because you, as a coach, look at every angle and you take the challenge with passion ... and that makes me see a light at the end of the tunnel." Rodolfo S. Fort Lauderdale, FL 

"Lisa, yesterday was so incredible ...I don't think I've ever been that relaxed. The session was totally amazing and I truly feel like you're making a difference for me. I so appreciate the special care and for you being such a good listener. Can't wait for next week!"  Julie B. Charlotte, NC

"Lisa provided me with a safe space to dump all these separate parts of my life and guided me to prioritize them so that I could move forward with confidence and without guilt. Working with Lisa has benefited me beyond imagine and is more valuable than I can put into words."  Krista F., Indianapolis, IN


"I have never felt better about myself. Most importantly, I'm in the position to progress 100% without negative energy. Thank you, Lisa, for being there."  Marc B., Rockville, MD

"Thank you, Lisa, once again, for not only your professionalism in coaching but the human and compassionate element. You smoothly and gently navigated your sessions with tact and delicacy that made me feel it is ok to be going through a challenging period. Ever so grateful for your golden coaching!"

Samira, L., Cos Cob, CT

"For over 20 years you have helped my chronic physical issues through multiple surgeries and rehabs. I cannot wait to resume our sessions as I not only miss your healing hands but your wonderful company."

Sue C., Rockville, MD

"Lisa, I feel great. You are an artist and a scientist as well as a good deal blessed by intuition. I can feel the heal!"  Carrie F., Washington, DC

"Thank you again, Lisa, for my new, "renewed" body and spirit. You have the most magical hands and positive aura."   Diana D., Bethesda, MD

"I have been standing up and sitting straight all day. What a difference! It doesn't hurt!"  

Sophie A, Washington, DC

"I don't know what it is but I feel as if your space is a place that is safe enough to cry, and I don't believe I have ever felt that way about any place ever before."   Liberty R, Bethesda, MD

"Lisa, you are so compassionate and caring of others and very understanding, to a depth which I think is hard to comprehend for the average person, especially when it comes to your empathy for people who are suffering."  Dan S, Bethesda, MD

"It's magic ... felt terrific for 5 days straight since our last session."   Gregg L, Chevy Chase, DC

"Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful session yesterday. I feel SO much better, more energized and less achy. You are the best."     Eda J, Chevy Chase, MD

"Thank you Lisa. I feel, after a very long time, as if my body has been unlocked. It is a wonderful feeling and I look forward to our other sessions."   Cris M, Chevy Chase, MD                                                   


"I cannot fully convey what a difference your treatment made but I want to try to explain. I feel I could sit up straighter. I could feel energy in my body that I hadn't felt in a very long time. It took me a while to get to sleep that night because I was so stunned by the lack of pain when I was lying down. The relief I felt during the massage was fundamental. I felt and feel such gratitude to you Lisa, and whatever science of mechanics and massage you relied on to make that happen."    Corina B, Silver Spring, MD

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