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My inspiration to pursue a career in massage therapy first came to me while working as a registered nurse at National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) in Washington, DC; I was caring for those who suffered neurological and cognitive impairments, such as stroke, spinal cord and traumatic brain injury. The profound healing benefits from both manual and physical therapy, coupled with my passion to make an immediate difference in the lives of others, solidified my decision to eventually choose this path. 

My expertise in clinical nursing, the clinical research process (as a clinical research associate in the pharmaceutical industry) and as a bodyworker, encompasses over 30 years combined, enabling me to offer a unique blend of traditional medical training, critical assessment skills and a variety of complementary healing modalities in an effort to heal others. As my practice evolved, I developed both a fond interest and rewarding experience in the treatment of symptoms pertaining to Parkinson Disease, MS and ALS. Additionally, I offer maintenance, event and rehabilitative massage for the athletic performer and those with various rehabilitative conditioning needs including, but not limited to, hip, knee, and shoulder injuries, repairs and replacements, as well as acute and chronic headaches, back/spinal issues and pain related to TMJD, fibromyalgia (FM), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and myofascial pain syndrome (MPS). I trained under (and continue to train with) John Barnes and the day I applied his signature approach (myofascial release - MFR) to my treatment protocol, was the day my practice was transformed. The release of this intricate web not only is necessary in alleviating pain syndromes, but it truly feels wonderful. Trust that I have created a completely safe, quiet, and very comforting environment to address the complex medical, rehabilitative and/or emotional needs and make it my priority to work in alignment with other healthcare providers.

My treatment approach begins with a thorough assessment and leads into the correction of any obvious muscular imbalances. Upon physical and postural analysis, I apply skilled manual techniques along with passive stretching, to restore balance, calm your nervous system and boost your immunity. Based on my assessment and your response to my work, I will suggest modifications to postural habits, ways to improve sleep quality and will guide you in how best to establish a meditative | mindful practice that is unique to you. By simply calming the mind you will begin to cool the pain. My goal is to therapeutically touch your life by realigning and re-educating you, your mind and your body.  Because my intention is to make a difference in how you feel, think and live, my hope is that after just one session with me, it will become more clear to you, exactly why MassageMatters.

Recent news:  Having had spinal surgery for a herniated disc and two knee surgeries, both years ago, I know, first-hand, the importance of stretching in order to change/impact posture which can aid in preventing further injury. Freeing oneself from restrictions in range of motion and stiffness during both an active day and critical hours of precious sleep is liberating! I am motivated now more than ever to help my clients (like I did for myself) achieve movement through targeted mobility training that involves long-hold stretches and self-fascial maneuvers that can make an immediate difference in how you feel, move and function. Whether I serve as your massage therapist, nurse coach or flexibility coach, I will be the catalyst to help you create the posture and mindset allowing you to straighten up and defy that force that tends to pull you, and your spirits, way down. Virtual or in person, it all starts with the desire to change and then, together, we co-create a plan designed to bring your vision into focus, then to fruition. Mapping out a path to achieve the best version of your unique and incredible self is just a matter of moving beyond the simple state of being into a state of conscious livingI am fully vaccinated, fully credentialed and truly honored to help you become the change you wish to see in yourself. What exactly is Nurse Coaching?  How can Flexibility Coaching help me? 

The firm belief that I havalways held as the foundation of my practice is that we all carry the tools necessary to heal ourselves / our body. This is the reason Spinal Flow Technique deeply resonated with me; to unleash the innate wisdom of the body and create immediate change is powerful and, on some level, even miraculous. I am now certified and thrilled to offer my clients this incredible modality that will soon change your life, your posture and your understanding of the self-healing capabilities of your own body. What is Spinal FLow Technique? 

   "I hope nursing will grow stronger in numbers with more passionate and compassionate people inspired to pursue nursing and driven to make a difference in the lives of others." ~ Lisa

  The Nursing Spectrum Magazine,

Making it Big by Keeping it Small (2009


Education & Training

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Catholic University of America, 1986 (#R150596)

Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)    

The Baltimore School of Massage, 1998 

MD # MOO998 | NC #20217

Nurse Coach (NC), The Nurse Coach Collective, 2022


Certified Spinal Flow Technique Practitioner, 2024 


Professional Memberships & Affiliations

American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) #69967

American Society for Pain Management Nurses (ASPMN)

Georgetown University, Fund a Fellow for Parkinson's 

Flexibilty Coach, YogaBody Science of Stretching™, 2023
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