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A Path to Self-Healing

SPINAL FLOW TECHNIQUE is a gentle, holistic approach to heal pain, dis-ease and illness. It facilitates a full rewiring of the brain so your body relearns what it already knows, which is how to heal itself. The master-controller of the nervous system is the brain and the spinal cord, which controls the function of every cell, tissue, organ and system of our body but, when accumulated stress (including physical, emotional and/or chemical) is not fully processed, it is stored in our nervous system creating blockages along our spine leading to real disturbances and imbalances in our bodies. As a Spinal Flow Technique Practitioner, I aim to elicit the body's innate healing intelligence with the sole intent to reconnect the nervous system to the brain so the body can find, identify and release the spinal blockages. The spinal wave might be slow to grow but Spinal Flow Technique is an incredibly fast and effective way to help you heal and feel amazing. 

How Does It Work?

The Spinal Flow Technique guides the body to naturally release stored stresses allowing it to move from the sympathetic state (fight or flight) into the parasympathetic (rest and digest) state. Through a specific methodology, I will locate the spinal blockages and make contact with one or more of the 33 Access Points of the spine, facilitating a healing wave in the body so every cell in your body feels connected and free. The 7 Gateways of The Spine, the main assessment tool in Spinal Flow Technique, holds different symptoms and stories of an individual's life experience, particularly as it relates to stress. The ripple effect from the release will expand and travel from the tail-bone (coccyx) to the cranium (head) deepening the healing with every session. 


Founded by Dr. Carli Axford, Spinal Flow Technique has been proven successful in releasing stress from the past emotional traumas, from the chemicals we live with and, from the physical stress of accidents or repetitive strain. Click here for 10 Signs you should see a Spinal Flow Practitioner.

The Benefits of Spinal Flow 

  • Improves Sleep, Energy & Mood

  • Reduces Pain (Chronic Headaches, Back & Neck, Fibromyalgia/CFS) 

  • Releases Stored Stress & Trauma 

  • Diminishes Anxiety & Depression

  • Promotes Deep Relaxation

  • Enhances Wellness; A Lightness in Being & Freeing of Restrictions, & so much more ... 

Allow me to TRACK the change,

while you EXPERIENCE the change, your Body & Being.

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