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Flexibility Coaching Package

Deep Targeted Stretching

(Package Options Only)

1 Month Pkg (4 classes)
  ~ Save 20% ~ $208
2 Month Pkg (8 classes)
  ~ Save 25% ~ $364
3 Month Pkg (12 classes)
  ~ Save 30% ~ $546


Ready to Improve Your Mobility & Flexibility? 

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Schedule Your Free 30-minute

Discovery Class

Science of Stretching is based on 3 Principles:

Relaxation, The Breath and Time.  


No Experience Required ...

Just a desire and drive to become more flexible.


Discovery Classes are in-person, private sessions where you experience it for yourself.

I learn more about your goals.

We determine if this approach is right for you. 

Call Now and Experience the Power and Process 

of Stretching with Intention 


Ph. 301-767-6200

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