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A Path to Freedom in Mobility 


FLEXIBILITY COACHING is the application of a mat-based, targeted flexibility training method that works to open up your body through long-hold stretches, deep breathing and patience. It is based on The Science of Stretching where poses are practiced completely relaxed, passively, so gravity does all the work. This practice is best after a massage or a work-out, not before and, it is considered a supplement to your existing yoga or exercise practice. It is intended to lengthen the muscle and connective tissue and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system while you exhale and expand your reach. 


  • Feel ease in every movement, more balance in your body and mood, and stability at your core, then allow me to help you release, unwind and realign. Soft tissue imbalances from surgery, physical or emotional trauma, poor posture/sleep, and mental stress are often caused by fascial restrictions and the more you release them, the more you will expand not only the tissue but your knowledge of how to help yourself. 

  • Feel more flexible to improve your everyday activity or athletic performance and reduce your chance of injury, then you need to trust in your body's ability to regain what you believe you might have lost by losing yourself in a challenging, but necessary, pose and, in time, you will be more flexible. 

  • Experience core balance and correct poor posture then allow me to guide you to relax into the stretch so you can focus on your breathing because that's when the transformation begins to happen. 


Stiff back, locked up hips or tight hamstrings?

Then this is for you. 



Through this work, we will:

  • Identify your limitations in movement or imbalances in posture and strive to correct or improve them.  

  • Increase your range of motion (or re-establish your basic range of motion). 

  • Impact soft tissue and ultimately change your body and the way it moves and the way you feel.

  • Untangle the restrictions that keep you from feeling at ease and doing all that you love. 


It is my mission to:

  • Educate you on the poses and the science behind deep, targeted stretching by guiding you into them so you can feel them for yourself. 

  • Integrate key principles in every pose that will help you to move easily and most effectively, and make modifications pertaining to any previous injuries, surgeries that may limit your range of motion.  

  • Empower you to incorporate this practice into your daily life so you experience what joint freedom and full function feels like.

My Personal Testimonial 

In 2003, I had back surgery (L5-S1 laminectomy) and lost 40% of my disc space. Years prior to that, I had two knee surgeries; one that removed my posterior cruciate ligament from my right knee and another for a torn meniscus on the same knee. Compensating for these physical challenges, without question, impacted my posture and mobility over time. Favoring one side eventually led to reduced lateral rotation of my hip on the opposite side. I recall rarely being able to comfortably sit crossed legged; my right knee and hip would be tight, painful, and it would make this simple pose nearly impossible to assume. I was avoiding this and other poses and positions as I told myself repeatedly that my body is unable to achieve them now or ever. I recognize now that this thought process was actually fueling my problem. As much as I loved stretching and my body craved it, whatever class I was taking, and what I was doing on my own, failed to impact the change in my body I so desired. The day that my body did change was the day I changed my thinking; I needed to push the boundaries of my body and the only way was by breaking through the restrictive barriers and this requires deep breathing and then waiting for it - that magical release. With patience and perseverance, I now understand what truly melting into a pose feels like and my body is no longer resisting but actually relaxing through it! I never envisioned that I would assume a simple cross-legged pose with ease and my next goal is to assume a split in a breeze! It's also helping with my golf swing and ballroom dancing! My flexibility has returned, and deep targeted stretching was my path. I achieved what I thought was nearly impossible and now I'm inspired to help others do the same!

 So, no more talk on how inflexible you are, just let me help you prove how flexible you can be.

Join me on the table for bodywork or on the mat for a 1:1 stretching session (or better yet, both!) and

let's Release and Relax into the work together.

Complete the Contact Me section below and I will contact you personally to answer any questions and then you can begin to experience the power of the process yourself. 

I look forward to connecting and to making a difference in your connective tissue!


"The Blue Heron brings messages of self-determination and self-reliance representing an ability to progress and evolve and when they follow the promptings of the heart, they are one of the most magnificent when they choose to soar. Those with the Blue Heron spirit animal, in the Native American tradition, possess innate wisdom and strength that help them maneuver and co-create their own situations and achievements in life."

Improving flexibility will change the way you move and feel. Are you ready to feel the difference? 

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