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Nurse Coaching Components

Coaching Term Options:

3-Month Package

6-Month Package

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BeyondBeing Signature Coaching 

5 Components:


​​11:1 Strategy Calls

  • Client will have 3 60-minute calls with Nurse Coach each mo.

2. Access to Coach

  • Unlimited email support between calls.

3. Guided Mindfulness Practice

  • Nurse Coach believes the power of each coaching session is contingent on the flow of energy, focused attention and clarity of thoughts to help set the wheels in motion for a powerful session.

4. Custom handouts, incentives, necessary nudging

  • Throughout the term of the coaching process, the Nurse Coach will assess the ongoing needs of Client and prepare reflections, fieldwork, and challenges to ensure Client is aligning with their personal goals.

5. Customized Bodywork Session (Optional)

  • When the body is most at ease, the mind often is too. Incorporating regular bodywork into ones’ schedule is no longer a luxury but more of a necessity; so much emotional pain is stored in the body and creates blockages to healing, feeling and living. The Nurse Coach knows, first-hand, the adverse impact of restrictive fascia on the body and 'the being'. Experiencing this release is experiencing an abundance of relief in the body, mind and spirit and could help facilitate the process of getting un-stuck (at both the tissue level and emotional level). 

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