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Spinal Flow Rates & Package Options


Stand-Alone Spinal Flow

Initial Visit
$110 / 60min

Return Visit
  $65 / 30min 
$80 / 45min

Spinal Flow + MFR + Coaching 
Combo Healing Sessions
Available Upon Request


Spinal Flow Package

12-Pack Healing 

(1) 60min @ $110 +
30min Return Visits
@ $60 = $660
(Regularly $715 ~ $55 savings)

Total: $770

(1) 60min @ $110 +
45min Return Visits
@ $75 =$825
(Regularly $880 ~ $55 savings)
Total: $935

Ready to Let Go and Experience the Flow?   

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What to Expect 

A Comprehensive Confidential Health Screen Form

will be provided in advance of the initial session.

Clothing Attire 

Both initial and return sessions are performed fully clothed. Please do not wear a belt, denims or clothing with large seams around the pelvis as this can interfere with connecting with access points.  

Initial Visit 

(Allow 60-75min)

Review of Health History

Primary Complaint

Postural Analysis

Discuss Findings / Recommendation of Treatment

+ 1st Spinal Flow Healing Session

Return Visits 

(Allow 30-45min)

Discuss changes from last session

+ Spinal Flow Healing Session

12th Session Includes Re-Eval:

Posture Analysis for Reassessment & Comparision from

Initial Assessment 


The majority of the session will be conducted face down.

If you are unable to lie face-down, a healing session can be performed in a chair or in a side-lying position.

It is discouraged to fall asleep, as being an active participant in your health and healing is ideal.

It is encouraged to bring your focus to your spine so that more awareness is developed over time.  

The Heart feels. The Mind thinksThe Body senses

The reason many do not heal is they tend to fear 

what they may feel. When you choose to experience

Spinal Flow, the only thing you will feel is the heal.  

Call now to book your FREE SPINAL ANALYSIS !

Ph. 301-767-6200

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