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Let's Weather it Together

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Who needs a screened-in porch to witness a storm brewing. In fact, I often love to watch storms rolling in with very few barriers in order to fully experience the transformation of complete calm and stillness which can quickly morph into a roaring monster with incredible potential to disrupt the rhythm of my breath.

When it comes to the storm of the coronavirus, however, I feel very differently; I am compelled to take cover (wear a mask and maintain social distancing) to protect myself and others from its full, and possibly deadly, potential. For me, the sheer magnitude of knowing that my actions have a direct impact on the health of family, friends, neighbors, strangers and the nation as a whole is, in and of itself, quite empowering as it empowers me to save lives. It is also quite obvious that only with a conscience and a conscientious effort, can we effectively weather this storm together. Until we are all on the same page, a hint | hope of the blue skies will not suddenly appear and the light | healing will not miraculously brighten our lives and days again. However, the way we choose to navigate this storm will, without question, predict whether we and those in close company, will have that chance to achieve our dreams and live the lives we have always imagined.

When you find yourself counting your blessings, make sure you first take inventory of all that you are doing to protect (prolong) your life and the lives of those around you. Let your conscience be your guide and know that another storm will most likely be rolling in. When anxiety or fear lingers in our lives it has the potential to do harm; increasing the level of stress hormones making us more vulnerable to illness. In addition to hoping and praying you remain safe during CoViD, do your best to ensure your safety by doing what you know will keep you and those around you safe-r. Being prepared will put your mind at ease which will reduce your stress level, and in turn, this will increase the probability of you being unscathed from its wrath. Together, let's do our part and take cover by simply taking action. By doing so, we can lift, or help diminish, any dark clouds hovering above that might be weighing us, as well as our country, down.

Fact: In order to see the light of a brighter tomorrow we need to believe in our ability to make a difference today.

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