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The Process of Letting Go to Invite More In

Most any process in life requires an incentive; the motivation to make a change. Most decisions to change are based on a desire or need to improve on oneself, a product, a service, a perspective or view.

We may desire something new or different but not always do we trust the process in achieving it. We may believe in a higher being greater than ourselves but lack the belief in ourselves.

In order to achieve personal or professional growth, one must be intentional; make a conscious decision that involves forethought and some faith in order to bring it to fruition.

We are all a work in progress; constantly evolving and striving to better ourselves. Sometimes, a simple shift in mindset can be the only catalyst needed for that necessary change. I refer to it as that 'shake-up and wake-up' call that springs us into action. We all have had it, but maybe never acted upon it.

Letting go of that which no longer serves us is not always easy but often necessary. We are reminded that change is in order after experiencing significant physical or emotional pain or suffering, grief or loss or, the realization that the status quo isn't at all satisfying to our soul.


The need for change comes from one's desire to align, or realign, with their core beliefs. When we allow our core values to serve as the catalyst to move us forward - in either the direction of what we want more of or, what we need to finally let go of - we will experience a natural flow state creating an optimal state of health and wellbeing.

For some, the Lenten season is an opportune time to reflect inward to make some outward changes, but it really can be any time you feel inspired to do so. The key is to listen to the loudest voice in your head and accelerate towards making incremental changes in the direction of what your heart desires.

The process of letting go of the ....

  • negative thought process

  • self-critic

  • limiting beliefs

  • reactive behavior

  • toxic people

... begins with getting closer and connected to one's core values. What are yours? Do you make choices and establish goals based on your core beliefs? If you do, you will be successful in your journey. If they don't align with your belief system, there is a pretty good chance you will fail at it.

---> Honesty

---> Accountability

---> Compassion

Those are my top three.

Inviting change that will mirror your values will open the door to the calling of your soul. It will enlighten the path ahead of you, attract more of what you believe in, and create the change you desire in your life.

I am choosing to let go of

The need to do more so I can be more at peace with my inner pace.

Coloring in order to embrace the silver-linings/strands in my life/head.

Screen-time to spend more quality time in nature, with my own quiet thoughts, and/or to just truly BE present when in the company of others.

What/who are you ready to let go of and release into the universe?

What do you need more of that will nourish your soul?

"Anything I cannot transform into something marvelous, I let go."

~ Anais Nin

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