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Why Getting Grounded Matters

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

"Flying starts from the ground.

The more grounded you are,

the higher you fly."

~ J.R. Rim

What does ‘getting grounded’ mean to you? What do you do to get there?

For some, it may mean finding that quiet corner of a room and just sitting in silence.

Maybe you carve out the time for a moment of gratitude or pause for a quick prayer in order to

s i m p l y

s l o w

d o w n.

For others, it is sinking into their favorite yoga pose, good book or podcast.

For me, it’s all about my breath, connecting with nature and a necessary stretch on my mat.


For most of my clients, it’s about getting a massage.

What is the value of getting grounded?

Grounding ourselves gives us mental clarity so we can be intentional in our daily lives.

It silences the static so we can tune-in to our own voice, our unique rhythm and our personal or professional needs.

Once centered, we are much more apt to respond, rather than react, to things, to life and to others.

Grounding creates a sense of mental preparedness for what lies before us and enables us to deal with what will come at us in a healthier, calmer manner.

Prior to any bodywork session, I make a conscious effort to ground myself so I can best serve every client and support their individual needs, leaving ‘my stuff’ outside the door.

If you are feeling off-center and sense a need for some serious grounding, book yourself a massage and / or seriously consider taking advantage of my free offer to you:

A full hour, off the table, with you on the phone with me. My mission is to get to the root cause of any soft tissue restrictions and mental blocks that prevent you from achieving your physical and personal best.

Let’s get your body and thoughts moving and releasing so you can hit the ground running in 2023!

Know that I am well-prepared, and very pumped-up, to talk to you and to walk you through what can be a life-changing process.

Make that call that has the potential to make your day.

Ph. 301-767-6200

Get Ready. Get Set. Get Grounded.

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