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The Thing About Thoughts

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Geysers, similar to our emotions, have unpredictable eruptions. However, situations must exist that increase the likelihood of them to occur. Mineral deposits make the channels carrying water to the surface pressure-tight leading to the release of some intense steam. Like mineral deposits, negative thought patterns can build-up and have the potential to disrupt healthy energy flow within our being.

Healthy communication, with ourselves and with others, means depositing less negativity in our minds so that we become more responsive and reflective and less reactive or explosive.

Emotions are real and raw and can be either conscious or subconscious.

Feelings are conscious vibrations in a sense, influenced by our emotions and alerting us to the fact that something unpredicted or uncertain is occurring.

Thoughts are conscious and they are our response to our feelings, ultimately determining what we choose to do and don't do.

Action is what we feel propelled to do based on our emotions.

Our self-talk does impact our health and wellbeing, so we need to tune-in and listen more to what we tell ourselves every day. Contrary to what the anxious mind tells us, our thoughts are very much in our control, and they often are an accurate predictor of the level of happiness we are capable of achieving and our potential for disease. Here's why:

When our thoughts are filled will self-doubt, we rarely give anything our best shot.

When our thoughts are filled with fear, we will never grow.

When our thoughts are filled with uncertainty, we worry.

When our thoughts are filled with negative self-talk, we feed anxiety and depression.

When our thoughts are filled with anger, we are suffering in silence.

When our thoughts are filled with jealousy, we are sad and resentful.

The quality of our thoughts equates to the quality of our life and, the bigger picture being that of our health. That's why it's important to work towards a shift in thinking. It is possible but it does take practice. The more one thinks negatively, the more the brain is being wired to see the world through more negative lens.

There is a chemical reaction in our bodies that can either aid us on the path to recovery or fuel our misery. If we want to change our mindset, we need to start the process of rewiring our brain and that means choosing to think differently. It all begins with the power of believing.

When we believe we are good enough, we are more confident.

When we believe we have everything we need, we are peaceful.

When we believe there is someone who always has our back, we are calm.

When we believe we are safe, we will trust.

When we believe we are not perfect, we experience self-compassion.

When we believe in ourselves, we will thrive.

Something To Think About

If it is true that whatever we think we will eventually become in time, what would your life look like? Is there anything you would want to change today, as it relates to the nature of your thoughts?

Did you know that even if you are on a channel of being very depressed and negative, by just thinking about (or envisioning) a day with ease, purpose and organization has the potential to significantly raise your feel-good hormones (endorphins and serotonin) and reduce your cortisol levels (stress hormones) and can lift your mood and help rewire your brain to be more positive? Yes, just thinking about that happy place or situation can change your brain chemistry as if you are actually there/living it at that moment and it can have an immediate improvement on your health.

We are energetic as well as physical beings. Balancing our energy is important to achieve peace and harmony within. If you have been struggling with feeling aligned or grounded, you might want to experience a chakra balancing treatment. Chakra balancing, similar to a massage, can be instrumental in realigning your energies and it can have a profound effect on your outlook and wellbeing.

Guided meditation helps you get out of our own head and surrender to place where your (negative) thoughts are at rest and wherever you are guided, becomes your new reality. Try it and you will experience its peace and power.

"Thinking happy thoughts literally creates positive chemical change in the brain which stimulates both positive physical and psychological benefits." ~ Deepak Chopra

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