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Touching Lives, Redefined

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

At the beginning of 2020, I found myself desperately trying to reduce my time on all social media platforms; craving the need for more human connection and much less texting, liking, posting, and commenting. The intention was to refuel and reboot my spirit and daily life with more organic, live, face-to-face connections and conversations. Then came the birth of the novel coronavirus which would instantly change the channel of my current life and bring my 2020 mission and good intention to a sudden halt. The universal message to all was to isolate, keep distant from others, no touching our face or any one else. It was clear I had no choice but to pause, prepare and listen in order to arrive at a deeper meaning for why we may have arrived at this place.

As a nurse massage therapist, therapeutic touch with the intent to heal others is the genesis of my profession and has fueled my passion for the past 33 years. While on this new "CoViD" channel, there naturally came a wave of worry and uncertainty. Not only thoughts of what would I do if I couldn't return to work? ...but more importantly, couldn't return to the work I loved and mattered most to me? Monetary concerns are clearly a concern for all of us but what occupied my mind more so was how to find work as meaningful. Throughout every session with my clients, I witness first-hand the value of manual therapy and its profound (often immediate) healing benefits. Taking the element of touch away meant redefining [physical] touch and the work I do and have grown to love. ‘Touching lives’ started to morph into a whole new meaning for me. The power of physical touch proves to heal my clients but the healing I receive in the process is just as powerful. While I extend my skill and expertise to impact physical change, my clients extend their trust in me which empowers me to make a difference in their life/body. This, coupled with the warm embraces, kind words and gestures of genuine appreciation for one another, creates a respectful foundation of healing and harmony that proves mutually beneficial for which I remain so very grateful.

While tuning into and remaining on this CoViD channel for the past 4 months, I have learned that the best tool for diminishing fear is replacing it with thoughts of gratitude; reflecting on all that we have, especially in the form of our relationships, can give us great peace in this time of great pause. No question that when we turn down the volume of the unnecessary static in our lives, like the degree of digital connectivity we choose to engage in, we are more able to fine-tune our unique beat and bring into focus the value we bring to this world and to one another. My 2020 mission for more human connectivity, which I initially thought came to a screeching halt with the arrival of CoViD, was actually jumpstarted all because of CoViD, as I value it now more than ever before. The last and more important truth I have come to realize is that if there is any gift you can extend to others that proves to touch you | your heart in return, there is a good chance you have successfully arrived at your destination (your calling) and the rewards that follow will be plentiful, meaningful and will carry you through any challenging times that may lie before you.

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